Urgent Messages Exhibition

The Exhibition

Messages surround us everywhere we look. We are in fact, saturated with information. How do certain messages gain our attention, and what does it mean for a message to be urgent?

“Urgent Messages” is an exhibition in the form of an extended poster-making workshop. Viewers are asked to consider an urgent message they want to deliver—is it political, personal, funny, or absurd? Is it a cry for help, a missive of hope, or a proclamation of wisdom?

We provide the means—a risograph printer and a kit of pre-made graphics commissioned for the exhibition—and ask workshop participants to design posters that relay their urgent message. Participants receive an edition of 20 of their posters to take with them to put out in the world.

Featuring kits designed by: Ashley Robin Franklin + Brandy Shigemoto + Claudia Gamundi + Edith Valle + Garland Kirkpatrick + Harsh Patel + Jesse Jaramillo + Jimmy Luu + Rene Cruz + Suthada Wadkhien + Tuan Phan + Yewon Kwon

This exhibition is organized by Jimmy Luu, Tuan Phan, Edith Valle, Brandy Shigemoto, Miranda Petrosky, and Moises Zamarripa.



  • Dates: Several dates and times available 👉Events

  • Price: Free!

  • Contact us for larger group reservations

  • Each participant receives an edition of 20 two-color posters to take with them to put out in the world.

Closing Reception:

  • Come celebrate the closing of the show and the posters that were created throughout the month.

  • Date: Thursday, November 29 / 6pm-8pm